Is there more to exercise than weight loss?

People often begin exercising to lose weight, but you may be missing other great benefits.
Weight loss often occurs slowly leading to one of the main reasons people stop exercising. Take this scenario, for example, you have been exercising consistently for four weeks, and no one has noticed, your clothes still fit the same or may even be tighter, the scale has not budged, and you may even weight more, and you are tired from the new routine. You begin to think, I don’t know what the point is, I see no change.
Don’t let this stop you! If you had continued you possibly would have seen all of the goals you wished for in the weeks to come.

Most often the other benefits to exercise are what keeps you going.

So, if weight loss is slow, how do I keep myself interested in the meantime? Begin focusing on the other benefits of exercise. When I first began exercising, weight loss was not the first benefit I experienced. It was probably a good six weeks before I reaped those results. What was the first benefit I saw? my posture improved greatly. I stood taller and with more confidence. Most often people quit way before this because they feel unsuccessful.

So, what are the benefits?

Exercise Improves Posture

Your core muscles are used in many exercises to provide stabilization. When the core strengthens, it helps your spine alignment reducing back, neck, and hip pain while also helping you stand taller helping you with balance. Years of a sedentary lifestyle can create muscle imbalances that have occurred from improper spine alignment. Exercise can correct these imbalances giving you better posture.

Energy and a Pain-Killer

    Most people use the excuse of being tired not to exercise, but the opposite is true. Exercise releases endorphins providing you energy the rest of the day. If you push through being tired, the results of extra energy for the day is worth your time. Is exercise a pain-killer? Endorphins actually decrease pain. I think we all can use energy and a pain-killer.

Happy and Smart

    Exercise increases serotonin levels in your brain creating mental clarity, boosting brain power, and helping you be more productive during your day. Who doesn’t need this? This boost of serotonin also influences dopamine, aka the happy hormone.


It helps you sleep better, even people with chronic insomnia according to Studies have found that aerobic exercise can lessen the time it takes to fall asleep as well as increasing the time you sleep and quality of sleep.

Better Skin

Exercise promotes circulation increasing blood flow and oxygen to transport nutrients to skin cells. The oxygen also carries away waste products, aka free radicals. The result beautiful, glowing, and bright skin.

Fall in love…. with exercise?

    Want to have the love butterflies in your stomach? Exercise increases Oxytocin, aka the love hormone. Want an extra boost, join in on group exercise. Socializing and sharing a common goal increase oxytocin levels.
So keep going and don’t give up your efforts. Focus on all of the rewards from exercise, and before you know it, you will lose the weight.

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