Stop the habit of overeating for good

We all tend to overeat at times.
It may happen when we wait too long to eat, and we are starving or maybe because the food is fantastic and you somehow can’t seem to stop yourself. And… yes, a little willpower can go a long way but why not start with some easy tips to at least curb your appetite.

Everything You Think You Know About Healthy Eating is Wrong

There is no shortage of health information available on the internet, in the media, and from well-meaning family and friends.
But some of that information may be doing you more harm than good.
In this post I spill the beans about some common healthy eating myths and what matters just as much or even more than “how much” you eat.
Learn why “what” you eat and “how” you eat it are super-important things to consider. Plus try my green smoothie meal recipe. HINT: Smoothies should be considered “meals” not snacks or drinks.